First blog post

First blog post

We live in a time of entitlement and the battle between greed and generosity is being won by greed.

Why pay for something when you can take it?

Why earn something when it can be given?

Why buy something if you can just ask someone to buy it for you?

Why grow when you’re constantly told you are amazing?

The “REAL WORLD” is changing!

I used to warn kids about the real world saying, “When you get out in the real world, it won’t be like this. You won’t be handed anything. You will have to work for everything.”

It isn’t like this anymore. In the “REAL WORLD,” you are handed “things.” You ARE given second chances, third chances and on and on. You are respected more for falling down and getting back up rather than being strong enough to never allow yourself to fall.

You are popular for poking fun at another’s expense and the key to getting what you want is no longer grit, hard work, determination and sacrifice. It’s finding loop holes, short cuts, getting close with someone who has the key to what you want and fabricating false success.

Anyone who is successful in its truest sense of the word knows that the most valuable things in this world are obtained from patience, perseverance, grit, determination, struggle, overcoming obstacles, sacrifice, knowing that you will not acquire it quickly and that you will most certainly be walking a path where the results are not definite.

Few people speak this language. To take it further, people who do speak this language are seen as disruptors of the present way of life for those who don’t.

Here’s a question:

In a leadership role, is it best for me to challenge the current state of society of should I conform and become one with it?